Sekai Project Announces New Otome and Boy Love Centered Brand + More at Anime Central

Today is a good day for female gamers, because at their Anime Central panel Sekai Project announced the launch of a new otome brand called Maiden Voyage. Maiden Voyage will be dedicated to exclusively releasing otome and boy love games!

Maiden Voyage’s first title will be The Bell Chimes for Gold, an otome game about a female herbalist who lost all her money after buying herself a husband who used that money to marry another woman. His saying “you can buy a man with the money you earn from your skill” leaves her determined to buy herself another man to marry. The game involves five older male love interests you can choose from in your quest to marry.

The Bell Chimes for Gold cast

The game will both be released as an all-ages game and an 18+ game on Denpasoft! The game previously had an Indiegogo campaign that failed to reach its fixed goal and the circle for the game Otosun Club continued funding on Patreon.

Besides this big new announcement, the Denpasoft panel that took place yesterday had a few more announcements.

Re;Lord first game title

A new game being released in its original adult version and a new all-ages release Re;Lord will be releasing soon. This is a map-building game with clicker style battle sequences and a kinetic novel from Escu:de. There are three Re;Lord games, this being the first and the third still in the works until July 8.

Surprisingly, it’s been revealed Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish Upon a Shooting Star- will have a Kickstarter. The aim is not to fund translation, which has been completed already, but to fund limited edition goods and items like fan discs for the west. It was also confirmed both an all-ages and adult version will see a release.

Hoshizora No Memoria Kickstarter merch

Finally, the Denpasoft panel confirmed 18+ releases for the following titles: Wagamama High Spec and The Devil on G-String (previously only all-ages). The same panel reaffirmed the adult version of ChronoClock and Ponkotsu Akuma are coming!

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