S.H. Figuarts Lelouch: Code Geass Zero R2 Version

Is that Lelouch beckoning you to join him? Today I’m doing my first figure review for Otageeku and I’ll be looking at an S.H. Figuarts from Bandai’s line of figures. S.H. Figuarts is one of their most enduring and high quality lines of figures,¬†Master Grade Gunpla kits being their crown jewel. While S.H. Figuarts doesn’t do giant robots it pretty much is one of the most articulate figures in the area of anime and tokusatsu. They’re not as large as scale figures, but make up for it in extra parts and movement. Therefore they’re great for recreating your favorite scenes. Continue reading S.H. Figuarts Lelouch: Code Geass Zero R2 Version

Otaku Starter Pack

No, this isn’t a sarcastic post at all. This is a serious listing of everything you need to start delving deep into your hobbies. I remember when I started out and I wasn’t aware of legitimate anime sources. I watched all my anime on low res pirate sites that had unbearable advertising. Thankfully today’s search results give you more legitimate sources.

Either way this is a list of cheap sources to watch anime for free. Because there are no sources for free gaming (unless you’re okay with just demos) I’ll also list what you need to game on the cheap. Continue reading Otaku Starter Pack