New Otome Localization Company OTUSUN LAND On the Way

On Halloween, a new English localization company aimed at otome releases called OTUSUN LAND was announced. The company itself is an extension of Otusun Club, a Japanese otome dev team whose game The Bell Chimes for Gold will be released in English.

October 31st, at 12 PM across several social media platforms, OTUSUN LAND announced their launch.

The new website detailed the kind of content they’ll be releasing, games and other forms of media.

Hi, everyone! We are OTUSUN LAND!
You may have heard of an otome game dev team with a similar name. Unlike that OTHER dev team, however, OTUSUN LAND will specifically focus on localizing Japanese content into English and bringing it to Steam!
What kind of content, you ask? All kinds, really! You can expect to see games, visual novels, audio-only content and more. These products will be available in both English and their original Japanese!
Here at OTUSUN LAND we will offer a wide range of all-ages entertainment in multiple genres and aimed at the full spectrum of demographics. We’re just getting started now, but before long there’ll be something for everyone!

We hope you’ll support our efforts to bring you these hidden gems!

– OTUSUN LAND Ayane/Himono/Molly/Nicole

Ayane is a writer and planner and Himono does graphic and script. Both of them are members of Otusun Club. Molly is a translator who’s worked for MangaGamer on Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome (18+) and currently on The Bell Chimes for Gold with Sekai Project. Nicole previously worked with Sekai Project on PR and marketing and did their SP Weekly Livestream.

While OTUSUN LAND has yet to announce a title, they have hinted at a genre for their first release on the “Coming Soon” page. A remake of a horror game.


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