MangaGamer Announces Two New H Titles at Anime Central

The folks at MangaGamer announced 2 new titles at Anime Central last night that are 100% NSFW. Proceed with caution.


Both titles come from developers they’ve worked with before. The first new title is Marina’s Cuckholding Report from Atelier Sakura, the creators of Please Bang My Wife. It’s an NTR involving a couple where the man convinces his wife to sleep with other men after finding a site where men loan out their wives.


The second title is a sequel to Waffle’s Funbag FantasyFunbag Fantasy – Sideboob Story. A game for oppai lovers, the synopsis is as such.

Funbag Fantasy Sideboob Story

After the events of Funbag Fantasy, our hero, Lute Hende, finds that being King of Edelland isn’t as easy as it seems. Though he may be happy with a benevolent rule and his favorite breasts at hand, not all will quietly accept his reign at the side of a demonic succubus. How many new assets and heroines will Lute gain before his problems are over?!


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