Ladybeard’s First Single in Idol Group Ladybaby Face Meltingly Awesome

Your life isn’t complete unless you’ve seen this music video.

Now wasn’t that definitely worth 4 and a half minutes of your life?

I have to explain why this is so great. If you don’t know who Ladybeard is you’ve missed out. He is a professional wrestler with a fondness for crossdressing who’s made quite a name for himself in Japan despite being a foreigner. He is a testament that any gaijin can succeed in Japan with the right attitude and skills.

This song is definitely fitting for the group’s grand debut. This video talks about what makes Japan great, but many of the perks listed seem to be things only a foreigner who’s become enamored in a culture completely different from their own and come to discover new things along the way can appreciate. Uniquely Japanese sweets, appreciation for cosplay and fashion, as well as electronics are many of the things listed along with famous spots and the low crime rate.

Ladybaby is a unit that includes Ladybeard and junior idols Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya. They will be promoting the costume company Clearstone on Youtube and special live events, a fitting partner for Ladybeard who does love his costumes.

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