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Funimation Licenses Hyou-ka and Record of Lodoss War

Funimation has revealed to have two new licenses today, one from 2012 based off a mystery novel and a 90’s fantasy anime.


The first is Hyou-ka from Kyoto Animation which hadn’t been picked up for release in North America prior to this license. This title was revealed at Funimation’s panel at Sakura-Con. It will be released in parts, with part one releasing on home video in July.

The other anime license actually involves releasing two anime series. The first is an OVA simply titled Record of Lodoss War and will be released both as a DVD and Blu-ray. The other will be a full fledged TV series named Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight, this release will only come out on DVD. Funimation actually plans to release both these anime in one box set on July 18.

Record of Lodoss War prototype box

A picture of a prototype for the box set has been released by Funimation.

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