Degica Games to Faithfully Localize Shikigami no Shiro

Degica has been teasing a new shmup on Twitter today, making a contest out of guessing which it could be. Eventually a Twitter user guessed their next title would be Shikigami no Shiro, henceforth known in English as Castle of Shikigami.

The Castle of Shikigami series has had a long history and this isn’t the first time it’s being brought west. The game that Degica will port was brought over as Mobile Light Force 2 on PS2; which was a decision by XS Games to trick gamers into thinking it was a sequel to Mobile Light Force another misnamed game actually called Gunbird. Needless to say, the translation sucks.


There is hope yet the second and third game will eventually be picked up as well. There’s a fourth spin-off game as well called Shikigami no Shiro Nanayozuki Gensoukyoku. No platforms have been announced yet, although it’ll likely see a Steam release like their other shmups.

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