The doujin circle NEKO WORKs the creators of the visual novel series NEKOPARA, posted a teaser image to their Twitter account. In it you see the lower bodies and busts of two nekos, one of the name tags clearly reads “Cinnamon”, and emblazoned at the bottom the title NEKOPARA Vol. 3.

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Yuri Game Ne no Kami Turning to Crowdfunding

The doujin circle Kuro Irodoru Yomiji has their project Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto up for funding on IndieGoGo. The same circle has previously released the yuri game Sacrament of the Zodiac (NSFW).

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The Best H Game Sale You Can’t Miss!

Here at Otageeku we always alert you about the best sales. MangaGamer is currently having a can’t miss sale on school titles and other treats for their Back To School Sale, including bundles accessible from third party sellers.

The majority of games featured in this sale aren’t suitable for people under the age of 18. Before listing the adult games and bundles I’ll list the all-ages games on sale. Warning: The site has an age gate because although the games linked are all-ages the recommendations have 18+ games. Access at your own risk.

  • Kira Kira All-Ages Version: Protagonist Shikanosuke is an average student who doesn’t care much for anything, blowing off his club and putting minimum effort into his classes. Then one day he meets a girl called Kirari and they begin a punk band along with his childhood friend and a rich girl. After their first, and what should have been last, concert goes viral they embark on one final adventure touring Japan.
  • If My Heart Had Wings: Aoi Minase is back in his hometown after many years. There he encounters a young girl named Kotori. He and his classmates at his new school soon embark on a mission to revive their academy’s Soaring Club and ride the “Morning Glory.” A tale of love and dreams. Comes with a Steam key so you can add the game to your library.
  • Da Capo Innocent Finale: An alternate end to Da Capo. Asakura Jun’ichi falls into despair at the loss of his sister. As a result he grows closer to Shirakawa Kotori. However he had chosen someone else over her, what can the future hold for them? This game provides the happy ending fans of Shirakawa Kotori always wanted.

Now we move on to the adult games.

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